Défier is an attitude.

Défier [de-fier] means to stand up to something, to dare something.

Even as young skateboarders, we learned to redefine our environment and push boundaries. We judged the city's architecture by its usability, and every obstacle was a welcome challenge.

But our challenge began sooner. We came from a poor background, and hardships, crises, and disappointments marked our upbringing. So we decided to make our fortune. We threw ourselves from one opportunity to the next, took risks, and cooled off in the headwinds. Defiance became an attitude.

Also, our social background kept pushing us to boundaries that others drew for us. We were categorized, excluded, and made invisible. Fashion allowed us to define ourselves and distinguish ourselves from others by choice. Fashion was not just a form of expression or the pursuit of individuality, but a small piece of self-empowerment and a heavily emotional thing.

For a long time, the only attainable luxury we had was a pair of hip sneakers for Christmas or a hoodie for a birthday which we fostered with a devotion that you would otherwise only find in a mother-child relationship.

Since 2017, we've been running our streetwear brand with custom cuts and limited drops with that same dedication. Défier Clothing is the answer to excess and a confident label for true street fashion connoisseurs.

A strutting rooster with a broad chest is the symbol of our attitude.