Porcelain figurine of a rooster standing on a sewing machine.

Défier is an attitude.

Behind the Seams

Défier is French for those who are brave enough to assert themselves and a homage to those who do not allow themselves to be determined by their origins and circumstances.

Our brand is run by a small team with big dreams, where passion for street fashion, Creativity and the desire to stand out come together. The rooster is the logo of our brand and a banner of pride and strength across cultures. It defies all odds and reflects our history and philosophy.

We want to create fashion for everyone who doesn't want to be a drive-thru for fashion fast food or for brands that everyone wears and that don't say anything.

Inspired by comfort

Convenience Level: Illegal

When designing our cuts, our aim is to create an ambience of ultimate comfort. Our comfortable oversized pieces break with the often restrictive size standards of the fashion world and offer the advantage that they remain loyal over a longer period of time even when your body measurements change. Our dropped shoulder also flatters every body type and visually creates a wider shoulder area.

Rooster tattoo with Défier lettering on the stomach of a team member of our fashion brand.


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